3/14 GPS Run

Date: Saturday, March 14, 2015
Meeting Time:
9:00AM for driver’s meeting (while not mandatory to attend, those not familiar with this type of run may benefit)
9:30 AM – 1st car out Cars will depart the starting point separated by 3 minutes each.
10:30 AM – Last car out

Meeting Place: abandoned fuel station at Old West Hwy (old US 60) & Idaho Rd, Apache Junction, AZ. Located about 3 miles North of Idaho Rd exit from the four-lane US 60
Coordinates: N33* 24.782’
W111* 32.730’

Event Planner: Merle Cunningham (zoomer11@cox.net)

This is a self guided tour throughout Maricopa and parts of Pinal Counties. The tour will have a theme which will be announced at the driver’s meeting. It is highly recommended that all drivers have a passenger with them to serve as navigator. Use of a G.P.S. while driving is dangerous and is not recommended.

Drivers will need to provide their vehicle mileage (whole miles, no tenths) and you will be given your departure time when you actually leave the starting point. Upon arrival at the lunch location, we will need your arrival vehicle odometer reading and you will be given your arrival time in. All times will be based upon Verizon cell phone time.

Drivers will be provided with a list of six (6) G.P.S. coordinates. One of the coordinates will be designated as the lunch location, which will be the last destination. The other 5 coordinates make up the tour. The order provided on the list is NOT necessarily the correct order in which to run the events. The order will be determined by the driver and navigator of each car.

The event planner has determined the total mileage and drive time out the tour from the starting point through to the lunch location. The objective for each participant is to drive the tour in the order they choose which will yield the miles driven and drive time to be the closest to that established by the planner. Drivers will NOT be given the objective mileage and time in advance. It is highly unlikely that any one driver will match the objective mileage exactly, as established by the planner, because the objective mileage is an average miles from several runs conducted by the planner.

The winner of the run will be the driver that has the total mileage closet to (above or below) the objective mileage. In the event there are 2 or more drivers with the same total mileage, then the drive time of each of these drivers will be compared to the average drive time as determined by the planner. Answers to the questions posed on the driver’s coordinate sheet will be used to settle any other possible ties to determine a winner.

Sound confusing????? Really it’s not and it’s really fun to see who can navigate the best when the pressure’s on!!!

As a safety net and because we want everyone to arrive for lunch before the dinner hour, each driver will be provided with a sealed envelope, your “Get out of Jail Card”, with the lunch location address and telephone number. This will be provided when you arrive for the event and will indicate your personal departure time for the tour. If you are out on the tour and just get too lost or your G.P.S. unit fails or you just get too hungry, then you open the sealed envelope and join us for lunch. Special prizes will be provided to those who utilize this method of escape!!!!

The lunch location features American fare, steaks chops, burgers fries, soups, salads and “house specialties” and is moderately priced.
So join us for a fun day and test your G.P.S. navigation skills and signup for the event.
LIMITED TO THE FIRST 20 DRIVERS THAT SIGN UP. Signups will close at 6:00 pm on Thursday, March 12, 2015. May the best team win!!!!


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